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Beginner's Guide To Austin Residential Permitting

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Austin residential permitting can be a nightmare for the average homeowner, heck even an experienced builder! However, armed with these simple tips, anyone can get through the process.

1. The building permit submittal office is only open Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and only until 12 noon. So understand that if you go any other time than this, you will have wasted your time.

2. They will require you to complete a residential building permit application. This application lists requirements such as 3 sets of plans, Site Plan, Engineering, etc, that you will need to submit.

3. Before any permit submittal you must first meet with Austin power about an ESPA Form . Fill out as much as you can, but essentially Austin Energy does it for you at the meeting.

4. After the ESPA Form, you will need to make another meeting with Austin water about a WWWSPV Form . Once again, fill out what you know, but they will do most of the work.

5. Armed with your ESPA, WWWSPV, and Residential Permit Forms, you may now go back to the permit office and submit everything. They will check that you have all the required materials and that the plan sets are to scale. Once submitted, return downstairs to the cashier and pay the submittal fees associated with your permit.

Congratulations on getting your permit submitted, now it's just a waiting game! Expect anywhere from 2-4 weeks before it is reviewed, and don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back for submitting your own Residential Permit!

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