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5 Solutions to Common Construction Loan Problems

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

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Purchasing a new home

Often times the biggest obstacles that keep people from jumping in to building a custom home are things such as down payment and not wanting to leave their current home during the build. We want to dispel some of these perceived problems and arm people with the knowledge they need to get into their new home!

Problem Number 1 - I can't afford down payment without selling my current home:

This used to be a legitimate problem, however this is no longer the case. We partner with many banks that will do loans as if your home had already sold, so that you can use your home equity to purchase your new home!

Problem Number 2 - I own a lot but can't afford the down payment for the home yet:

You are in luck with this one if this is the problem you have. The bank will view ALL money put towards the land as a down payment! This is because your land will eventually be part of the appraised home value, so you essentially have been paying into your home the whole time you were paying on your land.

Problem Number 3 - I can't afford down payment but am a U.S, Veteran:

Due to your service, you have the option of getting a construction loan with 100% financing. This means that if you want to look into getting a home going you can do this TODAY. No down payment is required you just need a VA approved builder.

Problem Number 4 - We don't want to move in with family during the build:

This goes along with what we learned from case number one. The bank will let you use the equity in your current home to start the build of your new home. This means that you can stay put in your current home until the build is completed. All you have to do is sell the home before the construction loan gets converted to a permanent loan.

Problem Number 5 - I want to build a new home but don't want the fees of multiple closings:

Often times without being informed people will buy the land and then decide to buy the house because they believe this is the only way it can be done. This can result in many duplicate loan origination and title policy fees. This is no longer an issue as they can do a one time close and roll the purchase of the land into the construction loan all at once. If you see a piece of land you want to build a home on, before you buy it, contact a builder and get a set of plans and contract, then the bank can get you your loan all at once!

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