Large Remodels

You don't need a brand new home to get great design.


Since we are primarily home builders, we retain a large amount of subcontractors that are large crews that do specific tasks.  The reason this works for big remodels and additions is because these large crews can still do what they would normally do when they come out for a new home build and the budget will allow for that.  Small remodels tend to require smaller crews that can do many different tasks, and the budget usually reflects this with cost savings.  Therefore it is better for us and the customers that we keep it just to large remodels and home additions.





At KLM we consider a large remodel to be any addition to a home, any moving of walls and adding baths, or changing the roof line or facade of a house.  These are all things that require a big enough crew to complete.  We have done many different kinds of remodels but we specialize in conversion of older type homes into contemporary style homes.


We have various design consultants available for your use.  We will set design appointments for you with our cabinet, lighting, tile, and plumbing showrooms so that you can speak with experts in each of their respective fields.


While most small remodels don't require a set of plans, extensive remodels like the ones we specialize in usually require a plan set.  If you need plans for your large remodel please check out our Custom Plans Page to learn how to get started!

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