Investors and developments

Working with investors to ensure a complete project.


We love to partner with others on developmental work and opportunities.  We have various business models to choose from and work with.  These can be as small as single family spec homes or as large as an entire subdivision.  Some where in the middle there also lies large tract rural developments as well.  We have done all of these and all are successful, it just depends on what fits your desired business model!  Please contact us today if you have any interest in becoming an investor with KLM!





Design-Build sounds different from normal custom home building, and it is, but its for the better!  To be clear KLM will still gladly build your home on your lot from a set of plans that you had done elsewhere.  The reason we started KLM Design Build came directly from necessity.  KLM was tired of people bringing in plans that they had drawn for them that were just WAY more home than they could afford, it made us look like the bad guys telling people they couldn't have the home they had been dreaming of.  So to solve this we started designing our own plans in-house when a customer needed it, this way if the customer can't afford the original plan halfway through the design, we can scrap it and start on a more cost effective design right away instead of sending them back to their designer and waiting.  This results in a synergy between designer and builder so that the designer doesn't go overboard on the house and uses cost effective materials suggested by the builder to reach the customers desired project budget.  This doesn't only benefit the building side of the equation however, it also benefits the designers.  If someone else designs your home plan we will try to work with them proactively during the design of your plans to stay on budget as well as work closely with the contractors on site to ensure things get done exactly as the designer and client envisioned them.  All in all it's great for the builder and designer to be happy but the real reason for this process is to help the client get exactly the Design and Build they want, for the price they want, from beginning to end.


We have various design consultants available for your use.  We will set design appointments for you with our cabinet, lighting, tile, and plumbing showrooms so that you can speak with experts in each of their respective fields.


The closest related service to investment and development is the very process we use during investment and development, our design-build process!  To hear more about it and how it differs from typical home construction jump on over to our Design Build section in Services.

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