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KLM Design build was founded by a teacher, carpenter, college graduate, and coach named Matt Jones in 2007.  The letters that make up the name represent his three children, Kyle, Lacie, and Malynda.  Matt had built his own homes before and had always been a carpenter, after a while though  he decided to pursue home building as his main job.  We started out only building craftsman homes and about 4 years ago started to really pursue building contemporary homes.  Learning to build these types of homes comes with lots of new construction techniques to adapt.  We have mastered what we have experienced while learning and are always eager to learn more.


With ten years in the home building business under our belt we have built up quite the team of employees and trusted contractors to ensure things are built exactly to code and to the way the client imagined their home.  These consist of supervisors, office help, schedule and warranty crews, and our design team.  Not to mention the owners both graduated from UT Arlington and have been teachers so they are great leaders.



We value honesty and integrity.  We strive to always improve and push the envelope of home building.  We also value customer communication, while it is hard to to speak to every customer personally every day we have employed a client interface portal that keeps you up to date on your project, while keeping track of all communication so nothing slips through the cracks!



We use high quality, high resolution software to create your dream home for you in front of your eyes.  Our drafting software updates the clients every time the designer has completed requested changes.



From time to time we have to work with people that are specialists in their field.  This has been anywhere from metal fabrication  up to something as exotic as Terrazzo.




We use engineers every step of the way starting with your foundation.  Next we take care of the structure through truss and wind shear engineering.  As well as any other additional required drawings.



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